Sunday, 5 February 2012

Sunday afternoon at the reservoir

Despite the thermometer showing -13 today, we decided to head out and see what the Brno reservoir is like. We just thought we would have a wander round, but were pleasantly surprised by what we found when we got there: a beautiful setting, full of people out skating and playing ice hockey! Even little cafes and restaurants full of people enjoying themselves.

Lovely sparkly ice.

After being out in the cold, it was definitely time for some mulled wine!

On the way back to the tram stop, we noticed this little hut. What is it serving?

The lady had lots of dough balls lined up, she then spins them into pizza bases and drops them in a deep fat fryer! Out comes a crispy base which she paints with garlic sauce.

She sprinkles it with grated cheese.

There you have it - a gorgeous, hot, crispy pizza-type-thingy!

What a nice way to spend Sunday afternoon. Next time we go I want to skate. Better invest in some ice skates!


  1. Oh my goodness! It looks beautiful there. I hope this was the place that you wanted to be :)

    1. Oh, yes, this is what we wanted for 2012 :) Looking forward to discovering our new country and learning the lingo!

  2. The Czech people do like being outdoors, to be in 'the nature' as they will often say in English, whether it is summer or winter. And they are very sports orientated, skiiing, snowboarding or skating in winter & walking, cycling or rollerblading in summer. Hence you see relatively few obese people despite many foods being deep-fried such as your Langoše.

    1. We were surprised by all the skaters and hockey players. Have never seen so much outdoor activity in winter before! It makes a nice change. Looking forward to milder weather when I can go out on my little bike though :)

  3. The last couple of winters when there was more lying snow than there has been so far this winter, we saw people skiing to the supermarket!