Friday, 3 February 2012

Designer drinks

We spent our first week in Brno wandering around and getting to know the place. Inevitably, this involved going into the odd bar or two (or three or four). Down a side street we came across the Design Cafe. The front part is a modern furniture shop and the back serves drinks and some cakes. Through the glass we spied some people enjoying Absinthe and knew we had to come back one evening and try some.

When we went in, downstairs was full, so we sat upstairs where it was nice and bright and calm and we had a view over the bar area.

Design Cafe upper chillout in Brno

The nice waitress (in funky stripy leg-warmers) spoke English, luckily and we ordered two glasses of Absinthe with the fountain or "the ritual" as she called it.

Put the sugar onto the spoon over the Absinthe...

...and let the ice water slowly dissolve the sugar.
Sip your cloudy beverage and feel a little like Toulouse-Lautrec.

Nicely warmed up by the 65% alcohol content, we could step back out onto the streets of Brno.

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