Wednesday, 30 January 2013

An Unexpected Trip to Dresden

My first foreign trip of 2013 was supposed to be to Paris. Unfortunately, the snow put a stop to that as my flight was cancelled. At the last minute I decided to go to Dresden instead. Only 2 hours by coach from Prague, it makes a good weekend destination. The last time I was in Dresden was 2001, so I was sure there would be lots of new things to discover.

Boris the backpack waits at Burger King for the Friday night Eurolines coach to pull in.

I stayed at a very nice "aparthotel" on Louisenstrasse, which just so happens to be the restaurant, bar, cool-small-independent-shop part of the Neustadt. I was recommended a walk up Louisenstrasse and onto Alaunstrasse and then on into the city centre, which I'm really glad I did.

First stop was Fruehstueck at the very pleasant Cafe Eckstein (corner of Louisenstrasse and Alaunstrasse). There are various breakfast menus to choose from as well as a "build your own" breakfast.

Freshly-baked rolls, Edam and a Bio-Ei - my perfect breakfast :)

Fortified by a hearty German breakfast, I was ready to head out into the cold (-6 that weekend!). I stumbled across the arty part of Dresden known as the Kunsthofpassage and spent way longer than I meant to there. It has lots of lovely little craft shops and interesting architecture. So nice to see artisans making and selling all in one place.

Before I made my way further into town, I made a warm-up stop in the form of a savoury muffin and fruit tea at Fraeulein Lecker.

Muffin burger!

It was then time to head through the snowy streets and over the Augustusbruecke.


Dresden Altstadt from the Elbe.

Dusk on Augustusbruecke

I was particularly pleased to see the East German Ampelmaennchen when crossing the road. There are also female versions with pigtails and a dress! 

Green Ampelmaennchen at dusk.
I was excited to find some Ampelmaennchen earrings at the station just before I headed back to Prague and had to get them. Nothing like a bit of Ostalgie (East German nostalgia).

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  1. Oh wow! I am extremely jealous of both your trip and your new earings!

    Happy new year.