Thursday, 7 June 2012

Viennese whirl

I thought I would share with you my walk through the Naschmarkt last Saturday morning in Vienna, Austria, in photos.

This market has everything from trendy cafes and traditional restaurants at one end, food from around the world and up the nearest mountain in the middle and bric-a-brac and antiques at the other end. Enjoy!

Wiener breakfast - fortification for the day ahead

Julius Meinl coffee with the usual mini water on the side

Pfingstrosen - beautiful even in the rain

Not just cheese at Kaeseland!

I so wanted this, but resisted

An oddly French-style public convenience

Familie Michael - great local cheeses

A lady checks out the giant mushrooms

Shot glasses

A colourful parrot hides amongst the bric-a-brac

Lederhosen! Of course

Thanks for taking the tour!


  1. Looks great, the teapot is so adorable!

    1. Thanks! It is a very cute teapot, but I have enough clutter for now. At least I have a photo to admire whenever I want to that takes up absolutely no space! :)

  2. Very much enjoyed the photographic tour. You should have bought the teapot!

    1. Thanks, glad you enjoyed the photos :) As it is "Tea for Two" I didn't think the pot and cups would be that useful. J is strictly a black coffee only drinker!